Private Transfers

You can transfer a retirement custodian instead of transferring the asset! It's called a "rollover", and avoids a early withdrawal penalty. Contact us [HERE] to discuss.

Your retirement account can purchase CoinCards for investment, or savings, or just for security.

You can also avoid public records publicity and transfer taxes by using a Private Asset Protection Trust!

Using a Private Asset Protection Trust could be similar to changing partners in a partnership, or transferring stock in a corporation, instead of liquidating or selling the asset from the ownership of the organization.

This could mean that there would be no change of "owner", thereby eliminating the need to re-register the CoinCards, vehicle, boat, or airplane, nor modifying the deed on real estate.

It could save transfer fees, sales taxes, title insurance, loss of prepaid license plate fees, escrow fees, and other costs. The trust simply gets modified to be controlled by a new trustee, who then determines the new beneficiaries.

Some other benefits of private transfers and private ownership:
  • Keep your personal life private from stalkers
  • Keep your personal residence private from your employees
  • Keep your home and lifestyle private from your ex-spouse
  • Keep your personal residence from profiling you as wealthy
  • Keep your home separate from frivolous lawsuits
  • Have some peace-of-mind away from business
  • Keep your personal residence safe from road rage revenge
  • Keep your home safe from medical care costs
  • Keep your name private from marketing companies
  • Keep your personal residence safe from business bankruptcy
  • keep your home safe from ex-inlaws or their financial problems
  • Keep your personal residence safe from other investments
  • Have some privacy from distant relatives
  • Keep your home for future generations without estate taxes
  • Keep your home from exposure to courts and tax agencies
  • Diversity creates safety

  • NOTE: Keep in mind that a Private Asset Protection Trust cannot be threatened with losing its' "drivers license" or be exposed in a divorce. A highway camera traffic ticket would not increase points to your driving record or increase the cost of your insurance.

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