The Basics -

We believe that CoinCards promote World Peace Through Art.

At the same time, Buyers get value that has been time-tested and survived thousands of years maintaining value.

Silver and Artwork consistantly outlive dynasties like the Roman Empire, The Chinese Dynasty, the Greeks, the Spanish, and even the British Empire.

Simply put, Buy precious metals, and you are saving and protecting yourself from financial disaster and perhaps saving the life of yourself and your loved ones.

If you bought one coin per week, and saved it over a period of time, you have your nestegg when the banks fail us (again) and the stock market drops (again) with another "correction". And besides the .999 purity of the Silver Coins, and the Certificate of Authenticity, there is a Lifetime Buy-Back Guarantee from at your original purchase price.
The Vatican - Ferdinando Codognotto
The Vatican - Ferdinando Codognotto
The Vatican CoinCard

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