$10 for the 1st Dealer to do any of the following:

Gets 19 LIKES on their Facebook CoinCard posting
Takes a photo with a 9 month old baby laughing with a CoinCard
Purchases a meal for 2 at a chain restaurant with a CoinCard
Exchanges CoinCards for Bitcoin
Scraps snow off of their windshield with a CoinCard
Cuts a Triple Burger in half smoothly with a CoinCard
Displays permanently LARGE on their car
Purchases the weirdest item with a CoinCard

$100 EACH WEEK to the Dealer that does the following:

Submits the best Facebook CoinCard presentation
                ( with at least 21 LIKES )
Submits the best Twitter CoinCard campaignn
Submits the best CoinCard blog discussion
Signs up 3 additional KILVER Dealers
Sells the 1st two Lithographs
Sells the 1st Giclee
Has the biggest KILVER Dealer network
Buys 4 new Michelin tires with CoinCards
Completes the Largest Number of CoinCard Invoices
Gets best GOOGLE ranking with exact SEARCH of "Kilver CoinCard"

$1,000 for the 1st Dealer that does any of the following:

Buys a new car only using CoinCards
Gets a prominent tattoo of ""
Gets Donald Trump to mention CoinCards
Gets 77 different commenters on their Facebook CoinCard posting
Sells the 1st two Giclees
Bungie Jumps with a displayed CoinCard
Gets a CoinCard News Story printed in a major magazine
Trades CoinCards for a uncirculated first edition comic of Superman
Gets a Top 40 Billboard Artist to do a CoinCard selfie
Rides a unicycle while juggling 4 CoinCards

Another Winner!

$10,000 for the 1st Dealer that does any of the following:

Gets a celebrity to display a CoinCard on national network TV
Gets USA Today to discuss CoinCards in a news article
Rides the St Louis Arch elevator in short-shorts made of CoinCards
Gets a Nascar driver to complete a race with a displayed CoinCard
Rides a bicycle backwards while holding 10 CoinCards in each hand
Gets Time Magazine to discuss CoinCards in a news article
Walks on their hands in the White House with Coincards between their toes

$25,000 for the 1st Dealer that does any of the following:

Tight Rope walks over the Grand Canyon displaying ""
Gets one more episode created of the SOPRANOS using a CoinCard
Climbs all the Eiffel Tower stairs in a bikini made of CoinCards
Gets CNN newscaster to say "KILVER CoinCard" while sneezing
Gets Taylor Swift to do a CoinCard selfie useable by
Donates 750 CoinCards to Key Kid Foundation

$100,000 for the 1st Dealer that does any of the following:

Goes over Niagra Falls in a container displaying ""
Proves Houdini can communicate with CoinCards from the great beyond
Gets a leading Presidential candidate to tell all of the truth

PAST WINNERS of the following:

Luiz Fernando won "Take a photo with a CoinCard, a $2 bill, and a Drivers License"


There is a NUMBER in the top left corner of one of the random website pages that will be changed often. For THREE consecutive days, you must search the website to find the correct page, the displayed number, and note the time and date.

You MUST submit those three days of a) Page Name, b) Number Displayed, c) Time & Date; along with d) proof of your performed task that qualifies for a REWARD.


1) Only current authorized Dealers are elgible for REWARDS.
2) Images such as CoinCards, Tattoos, and associated words must be easily readable at all times to the typical person and the images must be worthwhile in any promotion.
3) Only one winner will be selected for each task, unless task is re-posted for 3 days.
4) Only one REWARD allowed per Dealer.
5) Unselected or ignored entries have no standing or rights or recourse.
6) REWARD Offers may be withdrawn at any time prior to registered claim of performance.
7) REWARD winners require disclosure of their identity including photos and transactions for promotional purposes.
8) REWARDS, tasks, offers, and promotions are invalid where prohibited by law.
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