Trust Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 Common Trust Mistakes are:

  • Putting it off and "waiting to do it right"
  • Failing to create all documents
  • Failing to transfer assets
  • Failing to record the deed
  • Failing to deliver a Bank Account Directive
  • Failing to create a Health Care Directive to Physicians
  • Forgetting a Health Care Durable Power of Attorney
  • Failing to create a Financial Power of Attorney
  • Selecting the wrong trustee
  • Believing a Will really "Will" happen as planned

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    10 More Common Trust Mistakes:

  • Forgetting to create Guardianship
  • Forgetting to create a Pet Care Directive
  • Creating a Trust without a Pourover Will
  • Forgetting to transfer vehicles
  • Forgetting to transfer stock
  • Believing your standard trust can really protect assets
  • No Plan for care and expenses during emergencies
  • No Plan for assisted living or long term convalescent care
  • Keeping documents safe instead of available to the right people
  • Forgetting to name the trust as beneficiary on insurance, CDs, and retirement

  • More Trust Mistakes:

  • Selecting "revocable" or "irrevocable" language correctly
  • Allowing your forced and unnecessary "rest home" transfer
  • Allowing your premature (or unnecessary) "Declaration of Incompetency"
  • Allowing public disclosure of private information used in identity fraud
  • Transferring title upon death (thereby unprotecting assets and maybe a tax)
  • Allowing the divorce of an in-law to have valid claims on your estate
  • Allowing emergencies to force property to be sold to pay taxes, creditors, or heirs
  • Creating transfer taxes or believing you can evade taxes
  • Many more common trust mistakes... 93% of the time!

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