Make 7% On Silver Savings Debit Card!  Instant $ Profit!

The KILVER.com Silver Debit Card
The KILVER.com Silver Debit Card

If you start a Silver Savings Account ( minimum $100.00 Deposit ), you get a Debit Card for your savings, and you get profits on Silver CoinCards. KILVER.com guarantees that you can redeem your Automatic Savings Plan CoinCards at market prices (or a minimum $49.95) for a minimum of 7% profit on the 90th day after your purchase.

Redeeming the Guarantee instantly gives you the minimum 7% profit for a return of any Automatic Savings Plan CoinCards held a minimum of 90 days, provided they are in original condition and commissions are also returned.

Your other option is to watch the price of CoinCards soon thereafter increase to $59.95, and far beyond the 7%, as art and coin collectors realize the rarity and value and scramble to get the remaining Limited Edition CoinCards.

ADDITIONALLY, if you become a Dealer, there is a 10% Commission on all CoinCards and all other KILVER.com products (* See Independent Dealer Agreement and Commission Details).

NOTE: Be sure to look at the outrageous REWARDS PAGE for wild and crazy ways to get $100, $1,000, $10,000, or even $100,000 in cash or Gold or KILVER Silver! The REWARDS change often and we are open to all suggestions to have even more outrageous REWARDS at all levels. Of course the larger Reward Opportunities are usually much harder to do, but maybe you have that special ability or connection to make it happen.

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